4 Mini-Businesses To Run Out Of A Dorm Room

College has to be one of the best places to start a business venture. There are a ton of people who either like to do the same stuff (frolic) or forced to (school), and there’s a strong chance that you’ll meet your next best friend or even, a good looking women. Hopefully both, but not simultaneously. Don’t worry, we’ve all been put in that zone a few times.

The choices I have selected are human-to-human interventions for a reason. It’s quicker cash. Other possible jobs, like SEO specialist and email marketer won’t do you dirty, but it’ll be a longer payout.

4.  IT Consultant

Not everyone at the college is majoring in Nerdology, which means computer skills will always be needed. I had a friend back in college who didn’t even have anti-virus software on his $1000 Mac.

Example. You could run pre-semester screenings for a small fee or just wait until they break. Either way, you’re making money.


3. Record Studio

This would be a good side project if you enjoy making music, recording podcasts, or producing for local artists. Its also a popular background setting for interviews and vlogs.

Check how easy it is here.

2. Rental Equipment

If you are willing to rent out equipment with a high-possibility that it will get broken, than this is for you. I would take card payments and have the renter sign a few documents, but besides that it would be an easy way for some cash.

Lights– Black lights, Strobe lights, Christmas Lights, Colored Lights, Spotlights

Audio– Speakers, Receiver, Aux cords, Scratch Table, Waka Flocka Sound Effects

Misc– Beer Pong tables, Halloween costumes, Bongzillas

Bonus Tip: Make sure this is an at home-delivery business. That’s an invite. (We don’t support underage alcohol consumption.)

1. iPhone/Android Screen Repair

As long as glass screens will be around, there will always be someone cracking one. This is an underestimated skill and you could easily make a few hundred bucks a month doing it.  I’ve never met anyone who can do tablet screens either.




(Honorable Mention) Moving Business

If you’re a truck-lovin’ country boy, left-over couches and broken tables are roaming wildly around college campuses. Stack this on top of the mini-rental business and call yourself a real businessman.

Photo- Instagram @pexels


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