The Fastest Way To Make Money

I was introduced into the internet game at the age of 18 after unintentionally going viral. My YouTube video shot from 0-200k views in just a few days and the couple hundred bucks that came from it was rapidly spent on a moped. Idk why. In fact, I would’ve made more money, but I started monetizing my videos too late. Rookie mistake. Since then, I have never made money easier or faster in my life.

YouTube is the fastest way to make money.

However, you can’t post any type of video. You can’t post rap lyrics on a black screen and filming a tree probably won’t work. You’re going to have to send it.

Here’s a list of a few popular ideas:

Vlogging is new and many big youtubers, like Roman Atwood, have made quite a bit of cash doing it. The thing I don’t like about some vloggers is that they basically film their entire life, but if you are an interesting enough person this will work.

Pranks/Fails will always be funny.

Interviews with semi-famous or knowledgable people. Try to reach out (start small) and get people on your show. Example, interview a college football player at your school and ask them what cheerleader is the cutest- then post it on your website.


The Main Takeaway

The one thing that most popular YouTube videos have in common: Vulnerability

Without this, your chances of making money semi-quickly is slim. People want to see human performance so they can go either “I have done that!” or “I can’t believe they’re doing that.”

Connect with fans, reply to their questions, do challenges, collide with other youtubers. Drop the ego, show embarrassment, be joyful and don’t care what people think.

Photo- Instagram @vainodesositis



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