4.5 Tactics To Avoid A Student Loan (-90k)

(I hope you are reading this before you choose to use this calculator.)


Paying off student loans as fast as possible or not having them in the first place is a goal for many us. Some don’t want student loans so bad that they’ll never attempt to find an enjoyable job. I believe that you can do both, but a sacrifice will have to be made.

It’s kind’ve funny how the most important financial decisions we make in our life are at such a young age. Beginning from the age of 18 to around the age of 24 will depict how your financial situation will be for quite a long time, so make a smart one.



4. Community College

If you had the chance to buy 10 wheelchairs costing 500 bucks or get the same amount of wheelchairs for 100 bucks, what would you choose? Community college is cheap, offers the exact same education a 4-year college can and holds smaller class sizes.

Do two years here. Then transfer to a university. This will save your wallet thousands of dollars.

3.5. Apply For Scholarships

The only thing high schoolers focus on is getting swole and partying. Good news is you can apply for a scholarships after you’ve graduated.  Bad news is that you probably didn’t do it in high school. That’s alright, you’re probably pretty swole and should join the military.

3. Military

The military is one of the best ways to save money. No rent, free food, great insurance and free college. Despite popular belief, there are a plethora of jobs out there that doesn’t require you to be a meat shield or one that consumes most of your day (besides the Marines.)

Aim for a shore-based job if you plan on being a Sailor, and even if you do get stuck on a boat, some aircraft carriers have Wi-Fi and Starbucks.

Air Force is the absolute best option if you like AC, Wi-Fi, good food and 0 respect.

2. UPS/ Postal Services

The pay isn’t bad, you get to brighten people s day and they even have a pension plan set up for full-time workers. Will drones be the future of UPS? Not on Ron Swanson’s watch.

1. Trade School

If you are tired of going to school to be a banker, and end up studying about metaphysics, consider getting a vocational education. Trade schools have solid opportunities, like Heavy Equipment Technician, Emergency Medical Technician and chef. Working at one of these jobs while you take extra classes at night would be a great tactic to avoid student loans. You’ll probably end up not liking some part of a job anyway, so might as well learn an “actual skill,” as my old man would say. To my calculations (not a loan calculator), you could get 2 or 3 certificates from a trade school for the price of one bachelor’s.

Honorable Mention- Crab fisherman

The pay is great, but highly dangerous. I’ve heard of crab fishers getting paid over 100k a year, but according to this article, it’s the most dangerous job in the world. Don’t tell your momma.



Photo- Intsagram @Maklay62

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