3 Reasons Why Blogs Fail- The Ballad of an Emotionally Unstable Teenager

Your girlfriend dumped you cold-heartedly, mom informally asked you to leave the house and college wasn't an option. You saved money, developed a plan and started a small website. It did well, at first, but 6 months went by and you were back to where you started. You cried, quit and returned to your job selling furniture.

1. Be in it for the long term commitment.

Bad news: Most blogs don't make money, and the one's that do take several years to bring in any money. Good news: You have a ton of time. Start now and create quality content. It's never too late.

2. Recognize what's going on in your life. 

Bad news: Think about the underlying motives. What made you decide to start a blog? Why might you be wanting enough money to buy 3 Mustang's? Good news: You'll probably figure out what's driving you depending on how long you stick out a project.

3. Get rich quick schemes don't exist (except for the lotto).

Bad news: It's going to be a long long journey. Good news: You will have a sense of accomplishment when it pays off.            

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