55 Things You Could Do Instead Of Paying For College

1. Buy a vacation condo and rent it out

2. Buy an RV and travel the US 3 times over

3. Go to trade school 3-4 times

4. Buy a small yacht

5. Invest in Vanguard’s LifeStrategy Funds

6. Buy a mansion in west Nebraska

7. Purchase a nice apartment in most major cities

8. Buy 40 early 2000’s Toyota Corollas

9. Buy into a franchise

10. Throw a Project X party

11. Purchase most of the state of Wyoming

12. Start a coffee shop

13. Adopt a child from Venezuela

14. Flip real estate in cities like Austin, TX or Boulder, CO

15. Put a down payment on a 4 bedroom house- rent 3 rooms out

16. Buy a food truck

17. A tank? A jetpack? 

18. Start a record label

19. Purchase a small plane

20. Buy an expensive drone and do secret missions

21. Ship 2-3 early 90s Nissan GTRs from Japan to the US

22. Buy an Island

23. Build a cabin

24. Travel to the past

25. Paint houses

26. Mow lawns

27. Buy steroids and become a personal trainer

28. Rent a private jet

29. Take your family to Mexico for a month

30. Make yourself famous with Facebook Ads

31. Fight against child slavery

32. Customize a house/camper

33. Fix iPhones 

34. Rent jet skis out

35. Start a fishing guide business

36. Learn many languages

37. Invest in gold

38. Pretend you have money

39. Build an app

40. Sail around the “world”

41. Purchase homes in foreign countries

42. Swim with dolphins

43. Live like a billionaire in the Philippines 

44. Build a Millennium Falcon

45. Start a boat cleaning business

46. Pet Cleaning

47. Flip Websites

48. Travel Planning

49. Go to the Olympics

50. Be a ski/surf bum

51. Invest in Bitcoin

52. Trade Pokemon cards

53. Buy the whole company of Blockbuster

54. Meet 50 Cent

55. Save your money, work hard and offer financial security to your 3 kids who depend on you to put food on the table.


Photo credit- Instagram @jill111

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