Why Female Bloggers Are More Likely To Succeed

I honestly can’t say this about everything, but females are in luck when it comes to blogging.

Women, here are a few reasons why you should start a blog or write for one.

Men, consider thinking about hiring a few female writers for your website.

1. Word of mouth

Women talk all the time. The things they read, people they like or what they ate for a midnight snack. It can be annoying at times, but it could also be really beneficial for your blog/business.

On the flip side, men are more likely not to talk with their friends about the things they read or watched.

You will have more luck writing about dating, traveling overseas or women-stuff, than you would writing about fixing trucks, tackle football or hanging with the bros on Saturday night.

It’s like every other day my girlfriend is talking to me about some you-tuber she watches. Or a post she read. Maybe, a TV show too. I can’t keep count.

2. Better Writers

In general, women are better writers. Maybe, it’s because guys don’t like to write or their frontal cortexes aren’t developed in high school. Probably option both.

3. Put it out on the table

Women are better at talking about their emotions and all that kinda awkward stuff.

I think it’s slightly lame, but there are plenty of cheese balls out there.

4. Self-Forgiving

I think it’s safe to assume that men are harder on themselves than most women are. Sometimes this can drive men to work harder, but other times it can prevent them from even trying.

You can’t really judge yourself too hard if you want to be a writer. This thing called “writers block” will lock you place.

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