Honesty Will Find You Happiness


So, you need something to make your Facebook Timeline look nice, but Burger King isn’t getting the job done. No girls have swiped you on Tinder, shooting your self-esteem back to where it was right after your girlfriend cheated on you. Below satisfactory.

10 years later you are working for Wells Fargo as a senior manager using that masters degree in finance you got from Yale. You have 6-pack abs, 2 range rovers and an ex-model as a wife. You do yoga every morning and take your kids to Hawaii to relive Lilo and Stitch once a year.

After crashing your range rover, you come realize that you actually hate finance and really enjoyed working at Burger King. Susie, your co-worker, was the girl of your dreams, but you convinced yourself that you could never marry someone who cooked burgers for a living. You don’t really like Hawaii and yoga is only something you do because you read it in a bunch of self-help books.

Honest Questions.

The most important thing we all can do today is to ask brutally honest questions with ourselves.

Do you actually like finance? Why do you look at your 6-pack in the mirror everyday? Why did an ex-model coincidentally want to start dating after you finished your degree? Is it necessary to go to Hawaii to relive Lilo and Stitch?

Honest Answers.

You were so focused on money that you studied 6 years on a subject you didn’t even enjoy. You married a trophy wife because you wanted to impress your friends and to get back at your last girlfriend. Taking your kids to Hawaii won’t make them love you more.

This is the best preventative measure we can take so we don’t live a fake life and work a job we don’t find rewarding/interesting. It’s a lengthy, uncomfortable and continuous process, but will pay-off over time.

I’ll admit, 2 range rovers and a hot wife looks great on a your timeline but, Susie was definitely the one for you.






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