Even A Stripper Can Be Baptized

We live in a time where we have something always telling us who we are or who we are not. A Nike commercial telling us that we are runners or that we belong on the couch. A University advertisement convincing us that this school will be the best time of our life or that we’re seriously missing out on the social trend. An Instagram post from a friend traveling Hawaii subconsciously confirming that we’re a traveler just like them or that we don’t travel enough.

To an extent, it is healthy to know what we like to do or how we are seen by other people. This gives us a sense of self. However, when we identify as a job title, what we do or an accomplishment, we start to believe that is actually who we are.

You shouldn’t start running because you could never see yourself doing it. You missed out on the college life because you didn’t choose a 4-year University. You aren’t traveling Hawaii right now, so you definitely don’t travel enough.

But the truth is, we aren’t the job title on our Facebook timeline or the clothes we rep.

Job interests change, traveling might not be for you and running is something anyone can try. You can go to college when your 30 or 48. You can not own an Instagram account or own 4. A plumber can become a traveler, a rock star can enjoy drawing pictures of flowers and even, a stripper can be baptized.

What you can be: Smart, stupid, kind, angry, a good friend, a terrible husband

What you cannot be: A police officer, a tennis player, 100k followers, sponsored by Adidas

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