What’s Got You Trippin’? Part 2

The thing about what has us Trippin' is that it's different everyday. What had us Trippin' yesterday possibly won't be what has us Trippin' tomorrow, and what we are Trippin' about today won't be the same thing that has us Trippin' everyday for the rest of our lives. This is because the things that are important to us fluctuate and that our brain likes to connect different dots. And because of this, we often disregard thoughts that we think aren't relatable to our current issues and situations. Ex. I was just thinking about Jesus and his good deeds yesterday, but today I am thinking about the ending of the new Avengers movie. (I'm no one to tell which one is more important than the other, so why not just think about both. Anyway, Thor and Jesus do kinda have similar hair.) Don't ignore something that seems irrelevant, yet still trips you up... Take advantage of it. If you're sitting on the toilet at work in deep thought about how you could improve a relationship in your life than sit there longer. If you're in the shower and you feel like your creating the best rap song ever than waste some water. If you just pulled into your driveway after a movie night and you're just thinking about the concept of life, let some gas burn. These are what I call mini-trips. In What's Got You Trippin? Part 3, we will talk about the power of mini-trips. Link: What's Got You Trippin? Part 1    

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