What’s Got You Trippin? Part 3

Definition: A “mini-trip” often occurs when a random thought pops in your head at a random time throughout the day, however, offering deep insight, and, giving an internal feeling of creativity and focus.

In What’s Got You Trippin’ Part 2, I pitched a natural method to try that would hopefully increase your chances to experience a mini-trip. Although my way isn’t as great as LSD or Peyote (It definitely won’t help you find your spirit animal in the middle of the Painted desert), at least you won’t have to worry about having a bad trip and getting lost in the woods, which obviously I have never done.

Anyway, I hope you took my advice and found yourself curiously drifting off into deep thought at a completely random time. Why a random time you might ask? Because more often than not, it doesn’t happen when you’re really trying to think about it. If you’re really trying to mini-trip, even with the help of intense meditation or hot yogathe chances are it probably won’t happen. Similar to experiencing a great adventure that was unexpected and unplanned, mini-trips happen when you least expect it. Relax. Let the mini-trip come to you.

Will a mini-trip turn you into Albert Einstein?

Unless you’re actually really smart, there is a strong possibility that you won’t discover new profound knowledge or reinvent the next Dyson Ball because all you have is you. All you have is the knowledge you already know, the lessons you’ve already learned and the experiences you’ve already experienced.

At first, this might make you feel behind and overwhelmed, or make you feel like you need to read 6 books before yesterday. However, you will be surprised about how much knowledge and creativity you already have stored up in your head. You just haven’t taken the time to focus on it yet. Plus, everyone has lived a different life and has a different way of taking in information. This might sound like a typical 4th grade counselor, but it is true. Focus in on what you already know, and become a master of the greatest art, yourself.









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