Human Fertilization Taught Me More Than Just Life

Competition is higher than ever and the almost-unimaginable skill level humanity has reached makes the work force seem like a race you shouldn’t even begin. Plus, add the internet into the mix and you give millions of people access to unlimited knowledge and endless opportunities.

Even with all these Albert Einstein Jrs. walking around, you still wouldn’t believe what some people are sacrificing just for a job promotion or to make a few extra bucks. Family lives, personal health, vacations or often times, all of it. However, not everyone has sold their soul just to reach the top. Who are those people and how did they do it? How did they become more average than Joe?

 1. They started swimming

(Disclaimer: I’m still a pretty average person)

I like to picture myself as a sperm that is swimming the complete opposite way as everyone else. I like to believe I’m the one who recognizes what direction my co-workers and friends are swimming, and that it might not even be worth my time to partake in a strenuous dogfight to reach the egg. And so far, this interesting picture in my head has been working out just fine for me. No big, but I see myself a little more average than Joe now.

I stopped working as hard, yet still received the same results. I started helping out my co-workers more and built a better connection with them. I have more energy to do the things I like after work and give my girlfriend more quality attention. I exercise more often and increase my reading time everyday. I scroll through Facebook less and don’t feel like I have to take a nap everyday after lunch. But most importantly, I am learning valuable skills that others in the competition are forgetting about.

2. Where do I start?

Enable to recognize which direction everyone is swimming, you need to ask yourself… Are you a typical sperm? Are you the swimming the same way as everyone else? Do you have the same skill set as everyone else in your class or at your job? What makes you unique compared to everyone else?

If the answer is nothing, you’re probably like me still. I can’t cook, can’t sing, can’t juggle swords or anything. However, by beginning to learn how to swim the opposite way, my chances of over-achieving have significantly increased.

 3. How else could you fertilize the egg?

Now that you know what direction/path everyone else is taking, you have to think about what direction you’re going to take.  (I know it says “opposite” in the title, but it’s okay.) This is the last step, but probably the hardest to do. This is the application phase where you will walk away from the herd and choose to play your own game.

To decide what path you want to take, you have think a little deeper on how else you can, hypothetically speaking, fertilize the egg. Could it even be a different egg? What should you learn that none of your employees, or even, your boss can do? What does every student in your class seem to really be striving for and is it worth the effort to go for as well? What are some unforgotten skills that could separate you from the pack?

Below is a list of skills (some are slowly being forgotten) that could make you more legit/competitive.


  1. Writing
  2. Reading
  3. Communication
  4. Customer Satisfaction/Building Connection
  5. Problem Solving
  6. Not social media marketing


  1. Sprints
  2. Skill positions (Kicking,Punting)
  3. Band Work (Tom Brady does it)
  4. Not getting swole.


  1. Conscious exercises
  2. Meditation (Although, now the coolest thing ever)
  3. Praying
  4. Not Peyote


4. Revelation

I was tired of the race. It was overrated and pointless. Of course my boss wanted me to work like a horse, it gave him great results. My personal life was suffering. I couldn’t relax. I scrolled through social media unknowingly, and I’m pretty sure a robot was about to take my job. I was headed for the ground until one day, a picture of the human fertilization process popped into my head, and just like that, I learned how to swim.

Next week I’ll discuss more on what direction you can take. In other words, what sperm bank should you donate your sperm too?


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