Sometimes x doesn’t equal y

There are millions and millions of blog posts, hundreds of thousands of websites, and tens of thousands of similar ideas all searching for the truth in things.

We dig and we dig and we dig, and I have to ask, “How much progress are we actually making?”

I don’t know. I guess, sometimes I feel like a dog chasing its tail.

1. My girlfriend

My girlfriend wants to be a doctor and is currently going to school to do so. She works in a hospital as well.

She is hardworking, a technical thinker and likes to watch blood squirt out of places you wouldn’t think blood could squirt out of.

Not to mention, she is doing well with the intense training and schooling. This training serves her well in-and-out of the medical field. Ex. Our relationship.

However, sometimes it doesn’t.

2. “Stop going doctor on me!”

(I usually yell this when she is, well, going full on doctor on me and trying to diagnose my life.)

Like many of us, when my girlfriend sees a problem, she thinks of the possible reasons why this is happening, then proceeds to create the diagnosis (solution).

+ Google searches, a note-book and the amazing memory of a young women who can remember everything I have ever said.

But this is not a bad thing at all. I love to watch the effort she puts in to fix the problems in our relationship. I would never want any less effort.


3. Sometimes x doesn’t equal y

Why did we get in this argument? What were things we did yesterday that might have ticked each other off? Why didn’t you buy milk and eggs? Is it because I didn’t cook dinner? Are you listening to me? Why aren’t you listening to me?

These are all great things to ask and to think about, but sometimes the answer isn’t available at the moment, if even, at all.

Sometimes the problem is so far out of our hands that we’ll never know the answer or find that diagnosis.

Despite what your local math teacher will tell you, sometimes x doesn’t equal y.

4. Start Today

This blog post is short and simple for a reason. I didn’t want to create over thinking, and I want you to think of problems that you probably can’t change; how tall you are, why Johnny is naturally more gifted than you, why you suck at buying milk and eggs.

After realizing that these are things you probably can’t change, now say “sometimes x doesn’t equal y,” and never try to fix that problem again.


5. Follow

I just started a Medium account. If you like what I have to say, please give me a follow. Arigato gozaimasu.




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