Don’t want to entirely remove distractions…

So some people will say to remove the distractions from your life. I like this idea to an extent but I don’t really want to do that. I just want to put in place something to keep me a little bit more disciplined or focused.For example, I’ve deleted YouTube and FB off my phone but IG and Snapchat are phone-based only, so not an option. Tbh, they’re not huge distractions anyway. PlayStation is another one. I like playing, I don’t live near friends so it can be the best way I have of engaging with them a lot of the time.I’m pretty good to be fair on days when I have work; I guess I’m already in the swing of things. Then on weekends or RDOs/annual leave for example, when I have ideas of getting a lot done, I end up scrolling FB or playing PlayStation for hours.So what do you guys put in practice to ensure that you still have these things in your life but you don’t get sucked into them? I’m going to try “PlayStation only on Saturday or Sunday. My weekend is Sunday and Monday though, and Mondays are my issue at the moment.Does it just come down to “get more disciplined” or are some things I can do to make the transition to a habit a little easier? Thank you. via /r/productivity

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