how to automate nagging someone for a response?

I know, I shouldn’t have to, and it isn’t nice, and all that but…. in this scenario this person is the decision maker but has horrid communication skills and often forgets. I have way too much on my plate and am forgetting what I’m waiting on answers for because of how much stuff goes unanswered, then it becomes an issue later.This person also refuses to use any kind of task management, to-do or any other productivity tools.I am hoping for a way that I can add a task to something like todoist, integrate via IFTTT or Zapier to some app that will basically send them a message (email or SMS) every day until I click off the task as completed. I don’t want to use something like boomerang because then it just requires me to interact with it again.I literally want something that will bug them until they respond.Ideas? via /r/productivity

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