What’s Got You Trippin’?

As I got older studying became less and less enjoyable. School became a drag and homework assignments were slowly becoming optional. The thought of popping an Adderall and/or smoking the devils lettuce to spice things up constantly crossed my mind, but I was determined to find a natural way to make studying more interesting. I tried PowerPoints, YouTube videos and Audio Books, but nothing really helped. I thought maybe it was just the material that was boring, so I quickly bounced from subject to subject. Some classes held my attention longer than others, but I still didn't find that complete obsession I was looking for. I called off the search party and decided to ask these questions. What do you like to think to think about? What causes you to stare blankly at a wall for long periods of time completely astonished? What's important to you? What's Got You Trippin'?

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