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How to protect my brand?

Hi guys,

I want to start my own skateboard company, but I'm worried that putting my stuff out there is going to draw unwanted attention.

For example, I am using a production company to actually make the boards. I wanted to receive a sample from them first, but I do not know how many eye-balls will actually be exposed to that sample. If someone sees it, and then determines that they want to copy the design and sell it themselves before I can get it to the market, my dream would be starting from way behind the line. How can I protect myself without pouring in money for a trademark that's going to take half a year?

Another question I have is about the logo. I do have a name and logo ready to go, but I'm not sure if this logo is used by another company, and do not want any legal issues down the line because I didn't look up the logo a 'specific' way. The name was easy to look up using the search engine on the TM website, and doing a reverse image search of the logo turned up nothing, but I still have no way to be absolutely sure.

Thank you so much!

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