What are you using to run your e-commerce shop now? via /r/Entrepreneur

What are you using to run your e-commerce shop now?

Hey, guys, I'm just looking to see if there are better solutions out there than my current set-up.

My current order flow is:

Shopify,Amazon,Phone Orders ---> Stitchlabs ---> Shipstation

Then in reverse order for the shipping updates back to the marketplaces.

So I use Stitch for inventory sync across all those platforms, including my wholesale orders.

The problem is SaaS companies (like Stitch) tend to CONSTANTLY raise prices. I get so frustrated because you pay monthly for constant updates yet they just released a NEW version of their SaaS that's more expensive per month...

So I'm curious if there are self-hosted stand-alone solutions that are good for integrating with multiple marketplaces...OR if anyone has a good SaaS alternative to Stitchlabs.

I want to add Wal-Mart and Ebay to my mix of marketplaces in the future as well.

I know Shopify can do most of this now....but it's still not GREAT for wholesale.

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