First paid vacation ever, overwhelmed with the possibilities of where to go!* (On or under my budget)

I am a lucky gal! I get to take my first ever paid vacation from work this summer, however July is coming to an end, and I'll be back juggling work and school before I know it in August.I'm trying to decide where to go. I would love some beach time, preferably somewhere less populated but incredibly pretty and relaxing. I'm also adventurous, so I'd like to do some bouldering if possible (again, less populated the better..). I'm in the US and have seen quite a bit, and am open to going to Spanish speaking countries since my Spanish is moderately decent still and I can navigate around easily.My budget is around $800 for flights and accommodations for 6-7 nights (I'm fine with camping or something other than a fancy hotel. Really looking to relax and step away from the business that is every day life in our world now). I can budget in meals and other adventures once I can get an idea of where I'm going first.Europe or anywhere across the Atlantic may need to wait since I'm assuming it's out of my range, although I know traveling South will take me to rainy season in most areas - especially the longer I wait into August. However, I'm open to whatever anyone has to suggest in that price range and meets my small list of specifications 🙂 via /r/travel

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