Is the Cancun “red light, green light” system a thing when traveling TO Cancun?

I've heard about the red light green light screening that Cancun does to randomly search. I have kratom (a LEGAL substance) on me and would rather not have to explain what it is to my older relatives coming with me as they see anything other than alcohol as dangerous.So I brought just enough to be done by the time we go back, and won't have to worry about red light green light when returning home.But if I'm going to the Atlanta Airport, do they have a section when going to Mexico where there's still red light green light, or is it the same as just leaving the ATL airport anywhere?TLDR; Does Atlanta Airport have red light green light buttons when going TO Cancun?Edit: clarifying that kratom is LEGAL in both my state and in Cancun. via /r/travel

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