Traveling to Thailand during the rainy season

Does anyone have experience with traveling to Thailand during the rainy season?My gf (24f) and I (25m) are traveling to Thailand from New York tomorrow. We will be staying for 10 days. We made the mistake of not checking when the rainy season was before we booked and discovered that it will be just a few weeks ago. Since then my gf has lost a lot of excitement for the trip.We will be traveling to the islands of Koh Yoa which are located off of the west coast of Phuket in the region of Phang nga. According to the research I have done, this region experiences less rain than more eastern regions and the start of the rainy season is delayed a bit here. It is supposedly just the beginning of the season here so it is not raining every day yet. However, looking at weather forecasts like Accuweather, there are definitely more rainy days than not.I have traveled to Costa Rica during the rainy season before and was pleasantly surprised at how little it affected my experience there. But I am not sure what to expect for Thailand as they are located in completed different parts of the world.If anyone has experience traveling to Thailand during the rainy season - What should I expect? How much will this actually hinder my experience? What are your recommendations for me? Anything else I should know?Thanks guys! via /r/travel

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