I believe my all-inclusive resort in Cancun, Mexico is serving tainted alcohol and is running a scam with the police and a fake ambulance company. What can I do? How can I get this investigated?

My family arrived at our all-inclusive resort a week ago. We are regular drinkers back home and know our limits. We are also regulars to this resort for 19 years now. The first night in we had a several drinks. My brother ends up going to the room early because he was not feeling well.I go up to my room to check on him a little while later, and he was rolling around in bed moaning in severe pain and ends up getting a noise complaint. I open my hotel room door and at least 6 hotel staff and 4 "paramedics" rush in my room insisting he needs to go to the hospital. I was arguing that he was okay and did not need to go and he would sleep it off. Next thing you know 3 police officers show up and say the will arrest my brother if he doesn't go to the hospital. The paramedics take my brother and the cops arrest me.After an hour of sitting in the cop car and a little driving around he tells me to pay $300 to avoid going to jail. I paid. I was then let out of my hand cuffs on the side of the road and driven to the hospital to see my brother. The hospital informed us he was intoxicated and demanded $300 for their services. We paid. When I showed my doctor in the USA the pictures of my brother in the hospital. He informed me the EKG stickers weren't even on in the correct spots and the whole thing looked very suspect.When we arrived back to the hotel at 3:00am the hotel staff was waiting out front and the same 3 cops from earlier pulled up behind us and got out of their cars and walked with us towards the hotel. The hotel staff would not let my family back in the hotel unless we agreed to pay $700 more for medical fees. We argue that we already paid back at the hospital and we demanded the cops call their Lieutenant.As soon as we requested the Lieutenant, the ambulance company rushed away and the cops started talking to the hotel staff in Spanish and no sooner we were let back into our hotel. But under the exception that we would now have to give up our drinking privileges, for the rest of our stay; if we didn't pay the bill. Desperate to get back inside, we agreed.The rest of our stay we witnessed other guests who were also regular drinkers getting very intoxicated and sick off small amounts of alcohol. When we talked to them we all agreed that the sick feeling we had after our nights of drinking hotel alcohol was not your normal hangover type feeling. But more like a flu. We witnessed our hotel kick out other guests with no refund also on both of their first nights for what seemed to be unfair reasons. I started looking up reviews online and both neighboring hotels to mine have been busted for tainted alcohol and corruption with people having very similar stories to mine. Someones going to get hurt. How can I get this investigated? via /r/travel https://ift.tt/2LFpbZj

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