As I got older studying became less and less enjoyable. School became a drag and homework assignments were slowly becoming optional. The thought of popping an Adderall and/or smoking the devils lettuce to spice things up constantly crossed my mind, but I was determined to find a natural way to make studying more interesting. I tried PowerPoints, YouTube videos and Audio Books, but nothing really... Continue Reading →

The Bad Thought Tornado is a long-lasting cycle of cynical thoughts that slowly deteriorates one's self-esteem, posing as a legitimate problem making it increasingly difficult to leave its bottomless pit of negativity. Damn.

Multi user Todo app???

I run a small family business with my mother. I took over after my dad died. My mom is basically my administrative Assistant and she's a chaotic mess. Her and I aren't working effectively together because she scribbles notes on her kitchen table that just get lost. At best I get the courtesy of her... Continue Reading →

Feeling no motivation to do anything whatsoever today

Just woke up to an 8 hr sleep feeling lazy and unmotivated. I already took 2, 30 minute naps. Why do I feel like this all of a sudden? I'm usually a very productive guy who tries to do the most everyday.I don't wanna feel like this via /r/productivity

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