Feeling no motivation to do anything whatsoever today

Just woke up to an 8 hr sleep feeling lazy and unmotivated. I already took 2, 30 minute naps. Why do I feel like this all of a sudden? I'm usually a very productive guy who tries to do the most everyday.I don't wanna feel like this via /r/productivity https://ift.tt/2tX6oxF

Need help with overcoming burnout

Hey everyoneI joined college 2 weeks back after having to take a gap of a year due to some health issue. This year was mainly spent at home focusing on recovery and the latter part was spent completing online courses. All of this however was done at my own pace.Now ever since I've started back... Continue Reading →

Sometimes x doesn’t equal y

There are millions and millions of blog posts, hundreds of thousands of websites, and tens of thousands of similar ideas all searching for the truth in things. We dig and we dig and we dig, and I have to ask, "How much progress are we actually making?" I don't know. I guess, sometimes I feel... Continue Reading →

A week of doing nothing

Over the past week, I tried doing nothing. At least, nothing regarding writing/reading/work. Supposedly, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and other big names have done it because of the copious amount of benefits it brings; catch up on sleep, get away from work, think of new and better ideas. Some say that the biggest ideas they... Continue Reading →


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