Popcorn- The Event App


Popcorn- The Event App has the answer to one question that we all think…Is it Poppin’​?

We are truly passionate about connection, improving experiences and community interaction. With this in mind, we don’t doubt that a creative and unique mobile application like this will fail to meet our high expectations.

Popcorn: Discover Nearby events & entertainment.

Discover popular, entertaining & fun events near you and in your city. Sign in at any moment and never miss a place where you want to be. Join friends and meet new people in popular events like concerts, fests, food, fashion, yoga classes, kids, Christmas, New Year Eve party, a business event, your passion club, start-up networking event. Find by location, check and just drop in or discover upcoming events. Host an Event, call your friends, make new friends, meet people and let random people discover your events. All of this for free.
With the Popcorn event app you can:
• Find events by your location and discover nearby venues
• Create and share an Event to get people discover your event for free.
• Discover the party hosted by your friends network.
• Scan the city at one go and discover what’s hot.
• Share with your friends and family
• Check history of events hosted by you at one place. Check who attended and who didn’t.
• Get notifications on the events
• Check your friends here.
• Check what your business competition is doing.
• Block users who you don’t want to see.

Promote events the way you want to, Get discovered and watch and check others too.
Plan better with events App, Check who is planning, how many events in the city, choose the right date and the right audience, maximize the revenue and popularity of your events.
We welcome you to create a get-together for coffee, drinks with your office colleagues, neighbors, college friends, your class, your passion club or just follow popularity and join one.



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