Fight Plantar Fasciitis With Super Feet

Like I said in the KEEN Hiking Boots post, plantar fasciitis can happen to anyone and it’s definitely not something you want to discover during a hike. Super Feet is a more affordable way to help calm a bad case of plantar fasciitis or help prevent in whole. Super feet are very comfortable and it’s more than just “one size fits all.” Super Feet gives … Continue reading Fight Plantar Fasciitis With Super Feet

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck (Book Review)

This book was one of the first “self-help” books I’ve ever read. Shit, maybe one the first books in general. I think is does a very very good job at reaching a new audience and bringing them into the “self-help” world. Before the book, I sure wasn’t interested in my own well-being and still wasn’t throughout most of the book. However, I kept reading because the … Continue reading The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck (Book Review)

A week of doing nothing

Over the past week, I tried doing nothing. At least, nothing regarding writing/reading/work. Supposedly, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and other big names have done it because of the copious amount of benefits it brings; catch up on sleep, get away from work, think of new and better ideas. Some say that the biggest ideas they have ever thought of occurred during this time. So, I thought I would give it a try.

Days 1-3

I initially thought the first 1-3 days would be enough time for me to recover and recharge. During this time I felt sharp, and regularly found myself thinking of new blog posts/other random projects to start. I felt little to no restlessness about going back to work or being productive in any sort of way and, as you could say, felt the most present. I felt like I was applying the things I learned the past few weeks into my daily life and that I was connecting dots. The first 3 days were great, however, I believe why my experience went so well was because I already had planned to have an entire week off. The usual 1-2 days I get on the weekends doesn't usually cut it. This is most likely true because of its short timeframe.

Days 4-5

This is where I started to feel the same as I was before I began the week of doing nothing, like I got used to this routine. I started to feel restless and began reading articles on Medium. I wanted to start working at something again, and I particularly remember one morning where I cranked out 120 pushups for no reason. I wasn't consciously applying new thought into my daily from the things I have learned the few weeks prior and didn't feel as sharp as I was in days 1-3.

Day 6+

I don't know if I just suck at this week of doing nothing thing, but by day 6-7 I was impatient and ready to put in some work. (Plus, I know I've always been slightly a workaholic or someone who stays sane by producing "work.") Facebook notifications started to die down, nobody from work was bothering me and life was quiet. So quiet, I didn't know what do with my life. I was worried about work/being productive, and there wasn't a single creative bone in my body. I felt like I was falling behind the learning curve, which caused me to feel restless. (more…)

The Bad Thought Tornado

I was dating this girl for about 8 months, she was real cool. We got along really well and, to be honest, I thought I loved this girl. Then one day, she decided to cheat on me. Twice. I brushed it off like I do everything bad that happens to me and pretended I was okay, not knowing how this would make my upcoming relationships 10x harder due to … Continue reading The Bad Thought Tornado