The Bad Thought Tornado

I was dating this girl for about 8 months, she was real cool. We got along really well and, to be honest, I thought I loved this girl. Then one day, she decided to cheat on me. Twice. I brushed it off like I do everything bad that happens to me and pretended I was okay, not knowing... Continue Reading →

What’s Got You Trippin’? Part 2

The thing about what has us Trippin' is that it's different everyday. What had us Trippin' yesterday possibly won't be what has us Trippin' tomorrow, and what we are Trippin' about today won't be the same thing that has us Trippin' everyday for the rest of our lives. This is because the things that are important to us fluctuate and that our brain likes to connect different dots.... Continue Reading →

1. Buy a vacation condo and rent it out 2. Buy an RV and travel the US 3 times over 3. Go to trade school 3-4 times 4. Buy a small yacht 5. Invest in Vanguard's LifeStrategy Funds 6. Buy a mansion in west Nebraska 7. Purchase a nice apartment in most major cities 8.... Continue Reading →

College has to be one of the best places to start a business venture. There are a ton of people who either like to do the same stuff (frolic) or forced to (school), and there's a strong chance that you'll meet your next best friend or even, a good looking women. Hopefully both, but not... Continue Reading →

Before I start, I'd like to say that most of these options will require you to pack up your bags and leave town. If you are ambitious, slightly crazy and unwilling to work a 9-5 job consider the following. However, if you have children to take care of or you just enjoy mommy's milk too... Continue Reading →

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